Meet the Coaches

In 2021, during a significant organizational transformation, two visionary coaches, Jennifer and Deanna, crossed paths. Jennifer, an enterprise coach with a flair for strategic transformations, and Deanna, known for her exceptional team coaching and individual empowerment skills, discovered a shared passion: helping women unlock their potential.

Their collaboration on the organizational transformation showcased a powerful synergy between Jennifer’s strategic vision and Deanna’s empathetic, hands-on approach, leading to both organizational success and personal breakthroughs among the people they coached.

Inspired by their synergies, they envisioned creating a platform for empowering women, leveraging their combined strengths to address the unique challenges women face. This vision quickly materialized into a series of coaching programs, workshops, and retreats, each designed to inspire, empower, and transform. Through their partnership, Jennifer and Deanna have created a space where women can pursue growth, embrace self-discovery, and achieve personal mastery, marking a significant leap from their initial meeting to a dynamic collaboration aimed at fostering female empowerment and transformation.

Jennifer Bleen

During decades of working with corporate clients on company transformations, and often being called the “Org therapist”, Jennifer Bleen launched Peer to Peer, LLC in 2016 to help people and businesses transform. All change is a people change first. Jennifer’s own transformative journey is a testament to her core values: Be Curious, Keep Experimenting, Always Learn, Have Faith, and Continue to Grow. These principles not only shape her innovative approach to leadership but also forge a path for continuous personal and organizational transformation. Jennifer’s curiosity propels her exploration of new strategies and technologies, fostering an environment where learning and experimentation thrive. Her faith is the bedrock of her resilience, inspiring confidence and determination to overcome challenges. Her commitment to growth and innovation is mirrored in her ability to guide individuals and organizations through their transformative journeys. By embodying these values, Jennifer creates impactful change, proving that with the right mindset, continuous growth and learning are not just possible but inevitable. Join Jennifer in embracing discovery and transformation, and embark on your own journey toward personal and professional evolution.

Deanna Hoffart

Deanna epitomizes enlightened leadership, merging wisdom with a heartfelt commitment to authenticity and collective well-being. Her leadership shines brightest in her exceptional ability to cultivate spaces of safety and openness, where individuals are empowered to reflect, learn, and excel. Her journey has not only highlighted her adaptability but also her unwavering pursuit of excellence. Deanna’s impact transcends her professional accomplishments, profoundly affecting the personal and developmental journeys of those she mentors towards greater self-awareness and growth. Her commitment to nurturing environments for inward reflection stands as a beacon, inspiring those navigating the complexities of today’s business world. By championing values that promote transformation and long-term success, Deanna continues to inspire and innovate, serving as a role model for leadership that truly connects and transforms.

Hear what others have to say…

Jennifer has a natural ability to provide real-world guidance. Her mentorship helped to inspire me to find my passion, as I was challenged with the direction of my career and professional growth. The excitement to guide the development of people, both personally and professionally, is exemplified by her contagious enthusiasm and positive energy. – Renee at CBI, Inc

Jennifer possesses the rare gift of seeing beyond the conventional and encouraging those around her to explore uncharted territories. Her guidance can be not merely advice but a transformative force that empowers individuals and groups to transcend their perceived limitations. Working with her is having a continual source of encouragement to go beyond the expected and achieve great things. – Martha at Magnifying Minds

Jennifer Bleen and I worked together for many years and in many capacities. Over the years Jennifer taught me to always be prepared; prepared for what is next in the current role, what is next in a future role and most importantly to have a plan B (and sometimes C). Jennifer’s ability to share and mentor helped me when I needed to find what was next. – Janice at JPM Chase

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