Can’t make it to the Retreat?

We offer online coaching programs to support you through your personal transformation journey.

Empower Circle

Join us for an empowering hour in the Empower Circle, a nurturing space where women come together to share insights, experiences, and aspirations. This free, one-hour session is designed to foster a sense of community and support among women navigating the complexities of career transition and growth. Through guided discussions on topics that matter most to you—be it overcoming challenges, finding clarity, or mapping out the next steps in your professional journey—the Empower Circle offers a unique opportunity to connect, reflect, and strategize with peers who understand your journey.

Whether you’re feeling stuck, seeking a career change, or looking to rejuvenate your professional path, the Empower Circle is your haven for collective wisdom and encouragement. Together, we’ll explore actionable strategies and inspiration to empower each participant in their career and personal development. This session isn’t just about conversation; it’s about building a community of supportive and ambitious women ready to take their careers to the next level.

Join us to share your story, listen to the experiences of others, and leave with renewed motivation and a clearer vision for your future. The Empower Circle is more than a discussion—it’s a stepping stone towards the empowered and fulfilling career you deserve.

Growth Gatherings

Growth Gatherings are designed for individuals who thrive on self-learning but seek that extra push towards achieving their goals. This group accountability program connects you with like-minded peers, forming a supportive network where you set, share, and achieve goals together. Monthly check-ins serve as milestones for progress review and motivation, ensuring each member stays on track. We help you:

  • Overcome procrastination and lack of motivation by providing a structured accountability framework.
  • Bridge the gap between intention and action, turning goals into tangible results.
  • Achieve your goals through facilitated peer learning and support, leveraging collective wisdom to overcome personal hurdles.

Join Growth Gatherings and transform your solitary endeavors into a shared journey of achievement. Benefit from diverse perspectives, insights, and encouragement from a community of goal-oriented individuals committed to personal and professional growth.

Career Catalyst

Career Catalyst is tailored for mid-career women navigating the waters of re-entry or transition within the workforce.  Over the next four weeks, we invite you on an empowering journey tailored for those who feel stuck, stressed, and uncertain about the future. With a blend of self-discovery and practical guidance, aimed at empowering you to confidently step into new or evolving career roles we help you: 

  • Overcome self-doubt and uncertainty from your career transition by discovering your true self.
  • Identify your transferable skills, explore personal strengths, and translate them into your unique career advantages.
  • Envision your future and create your job-hunting strategy with targeted resume writing and interviewing support.

In our four carefully crafted 1.5-hour sessions, we’ll walk together through a process of self-discovery, goal-setting, overcoming fears, and planning actionable steps—all in a warm, supportive environment.

In the Career Catalyst program, you’ll find a safe space to explore, grow, and transform. We understand the fears and pressures you’re facing, and we’re here to guide you with care and encouragement every step of the way. Join us to rediscover your potential and step into the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Join Career Catalyst and gain clarity on your unique value proposition in the job market with a community of women supporting women in an environment of encouragement and confidence. You will receive hands-on expert led training that demystifies the job application process.

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